Two Truths and a FIB-O-Rama: Colleen Murphy

 We've all heard about the benefits of snuggling with your furry friends.

But what about snuggling with 

your feathered friends?

Today is the day for that!

Not only is it National Snuggle a Chicken Day

it is also the day that we are introduced to 

Two Truths and a FIB poet,

Colleen Murphy

(Chicken Poetry Extraordinaire!)

Get your Hoe-down On with the MUSICAL version of this video @weewordsforweeones.

Find out which statement about Colleen is a FIB in 

the Two Truths and a FIB Poetry Anthology


Connect with Colleen and ask her!

Twitter: @murphyrhymer

 Facebook: @Colleen Murphy

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