10.10 Poetry Palooza: Susan Johnston Taylor

The 1st Year Anniversary celebration of the 10.10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways continues...


Today's Poetry Palooza poem has a certain musicality to it. Feel free to tap along with Susan Johnston Taylor's poem, "Ten Fingers, One Piano"!

The 10.10 crowd is absolutely cheering for Susan, "Encore, please!"

Another thing we are cheering Susan for is her debut poetry collection, ANIMALS IN SURPRISING SHADES: POEMS ABOUT EARTH'S COLORFUL CREATURES

It is due out in 2023, but available for Pre-Order NOW.

You can connect with Susan at www.susan-johnston.com.

Inspired by Susan's poem, Smidgey is playing to her strengths...


Bonus Pup! Smidgey has a book club buddy...meet Sadie!

Sadie is Susan's dog and has IMPECCABLE taste in reading material!