10.10 Poetry Palooza: Irene Latham

 The 1st Year Anniversary celebration of the 10.10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways continues...


Today's Poetry Palooza poet, Irene Latham is as dazzling and delightful as her quintessential October poem, "Tenth Month"!

In addition to the treasures falling from the trees in TENTH MONTH, Irene has had a treasure trove of books falling into the hands of readers all. year. long.

AFRICANTOWN and BE A BRIDGE were written together with the incomparable Charles Waters

SNAIL'S ARK and 12 DAYS OF KINDNESS are solo efforts that hit the mark of all things Irene: Pure awesome.

Use Irene's affiliate links (above) to get your hands on Irene's newest books!

Then connect with Irene at her website IreneLatham.com before she takes her nap, because goodness gracious, Irene deserves one!

Speaking of napping... Smidgey, of course.














While we let Irene (and Smidgey) rest, connect with a treasure trove of poets in today's Poetry Friday roundup hosted by Matt at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme.