10.10 Poetry Palooza: Carol Varsalona

 The 1st Year Anniversary celebration of the 10.10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways continues...

Today's Poetry Palooza poem has us celebrating the tiniest things

Let's celebrate Carol Varsalona and her poem, "Celebrating Baby's Digits"!

Carol has LOTS to celebrate besides Baby's Digits...she is one busy woman!

And she has a generous spirit with the creation of her Visual Online Galleries. Carol's current creation is entitled Finding Fall 2022.  

Click here to contribute YOUR poetry, nature photography, digital art, artwork, and inspirational quote that pay tribute to the breathtaking season of autumn.

And connect with Carol in every way possible:

Website: Beyond Literacy Link

Facebook: Carol.Varsalona

Twitter: @cvarsalona 

Instagram: CVarsalona 

Pinterest: @cvarsalona 

Padlet: cvarsalona

LinkedIn: Carol Varsalona


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