10.10 Poetry Palooza: Bridget Magee

The 1st Year Anniversary celebration of the 10.10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways continues...

 Today it's going to get personal...and we're going to PARTY

It is my birthday and I am going all in on, "The Jaunty Letter J"!

The letter J is especially important to me because it's the first letter of my favorite word: JOE

(As in my favorite husband-partner-fella, Joe.)

From our trip to Vienna last week. (an early birthday present)

And no party is complete without some dancing (or jumping!). 

Join Smidgey and I in a little Chicken Dance.

"I don't want to BE a chicken, I want to EAT a chicken...woof, woof, woof!" ~Smidgey