DOGSPEAK: Summer Paws

 Uh, I mean *pause*.

For the rest of the summer I will be doing this:

Mom, on the other paw, has some exciting stuff up her sleeve.

She can wear sleeves.

Except right now because it's too darn hot for sleeves.

Or fur coats. 🐾

But I digress...

Mom and I will be back in the fall...with a gift-filled October celebration.

October is Mom's birthday month AND the anniversary of her 10.10 Poetry Anthology.

Speaking of anthologies, Mom's second anthology, Two Truths and a FIB, is in its final month of the open submission period.

Find the submission guidelines HERE.

The deadline is 31 August 2022.

I'm 'pawsitive' Mom wants to read YOUR words.

She's on a mission to provide no-fee opportunities for poets to share their words with the world... addition to her job, family, own writing projects, and taking care of ME!

I'm on a mission to sleep as many hours in a day as is caninely possible.

To each her own.

The amazing Molly at Nix the Comfort Zone has Poetry Friday hosting duties. Join us!

Sending each of you a wet nose, licky-kiss.πŸΆπŸ’‹


Smidgey 🐾


mbhmaine said...

Enjoy the "paws", Bridget and Smidgee! We'll miss you but look forward to the October celebration! Also, I know I'm not alone in being grateful for the opportunity to submit to your clever new anthology! Thank you!

Irene Latham said...

Hope Smidgee gets lots of sleep during the summer paws...and Bridget, thank you for the gifts you bring us all year long! xo

Carol Varsalona said...

Smidgey, I see you enjoy just relaxing. The heat is so high that you have the right attitude. Thanks for reminding me of the upcoming deadline for Two Truths and a Fib.

Tabatha said...

Enjoy your vacation! I'm curious about the October celebration...

Mary Lee said...

Relax away, both of you! You deserve it! Now I'm off to submit my Two Truths and a Fib...

Margaret Simon said...

Everyone needs some "paws" now and then. Enjoy some rest and relaxation. I, on the other paw, will be thinking hard about what truths and fibs to contribute. Thanks for the opportunity.

Michelle Kogan said...

Ah Smidgey you look perfectly divine stretched out on your luxurious pillow…I hope the heat subsides for all. I'm working away on my submission for your next anthology, and appreciate the opportunity to submit poems! Looking forward to you rejoining us in October Bridget, and your celebration, thanks!

Karen Edmisten said...

I always enjoy hearing from Smidgey. :) Thanks for keeping us in the loop, sweet Smidgey, and enjoy the paws with your mom.

author amok said...

Hi, Smidgey! I'm with you. It is too darn hot, though our beagle Arthur likes to nap outside by the vegetable garden. Thanks for the submission call, Bridget!

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