DOGSPEAK: Kind of a Big Deal in Italy

So we went to Milan last week...or was it the week before?

(It's hard to keep track of time when you sleep as much as I do.)

Anyway, everywhere we went, people stopped to look at me.

And to pet me.

And one guy on the street even took my picture!

(might have something to do with my "ride" for the train...I was periscoping around!)

I was boxed in for the journey.

While I guess it is nice to have admirers, I'm generally none too interested in people.

Italian or otherwise.

Except my family.

And of course, anyone with cheese.

While on vacation I mainly saw the insides of my eyelids and my number one fan...

(There was a heat wave.)

We spent five days in Italy before returning home.

Then things went south.

And north.

And I had to go to the vet.

After multiple invasive (and uncomfortable!) procedures we found out I had a severe bacterial infection.  

(There HAS to be a better way to take a dog's temperature...)

I'm feeling much better now.

So much so that I felt the urge to expose my innermost thoughts in poetry.

Because I'm that kind of dog.

You're welcome. 🐾

Janice at Salt City Verse is rounding up the Poetry Friday peeps...join us!

 **Just two months until the submission deadline closes for Two Truths and a Fib Poetry Anthology.


Carol Varsalona said...

Bridget, Smidgey is really quite the dog: writing a story poem, sharing the xray, and understanding that eating off the ground is a no no. I am so sorry that Smidgey had an illness but delighted for a recovery. You must have been so worried with the weight loss. The poem succinctly provided a report on the matter. Thanks for the reminder of the deadline.

Linda Mitchell said...

Ha! So glad Smidgey is better. What a rotten end to a trip. And, in true Smidgey form, seeing the dog dish half full. That's what I love about your dog...a positive and punny way of seeing life. Huzzah!

Tabatha said...

It is sooooooo hard to keep dogs from eating off the ground. I'm glad she's back to eating with zeal!

Anonymous said...

Ah poor Smidgey, glad she’s on the mend! What a delightful poem she penned in spite of her travails, please thank her and for the delightful pic too!

Anonymous said...

Above comment is from Michelle K., thanks again Smidgey!

Anonymous said...

Poor Smidgey! I'm so glad she's better. Love the photo & poem.

Rose Cappelli said... glad Smidgey is feeling better again and able to pen such a delightful poem.

Linda B said...

So sad, for Smidgey, but glad he's okay. Not the best ending for a trip but the poetic happiness takes it all away! Happy weekend, Smidgey, & Bridget!

Anonymous said...

So glad Smidgey is ok and got great medical care! Our new puppy was bitten by a baby rattlesnake last week, still not sure how, but she ended up in the emergency vet hospital and is recovered now. Maybe Sophie can write a poem about snakes!

Mary Lee said...

Smidgey! You are now the same weight as our CAT!! (Maybe it's time for Hem to take over the blog...nah...cats aren't nearly as poetic!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Smidgey! I hope he's back to his usual delightful self soon, inside and out.

laurasalas said...

Oh, I'm so glad Smidgey is feeling better. That sounds like a huge ordeal :<(

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