DOGSPEAK: Fashion Consultant

Thanks to me*, dad is clothes minded.


Huge shout out to dad, you wear me well!


Smidgey 🐾

*and Maureen, who actually purchased or created every piece of clothing dad is wearing in today's post.

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Mary Lee said...

Oh, Smidgey! You do not cease to amaze! (Good job with the wardrobe, Maureen, especially "along for the ride.")

Linda Mitchell said...

Ha! Smidgey is one super-talented pup. You must love working for her!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Smidgey might like Coastal Grandmother fashion that is a hit, apparently, on TicToc.

Denise Krebs said...

Oh, my, Maureen is so talented. Really cute Smidgey fashion!

Michelle Kogan said...

What fun outfits Joe has– I think your "dogdadfashion" could go far, Thanks Bridget!

Patricia Franz said...

What a good sport Dad is to be dressed up with Smidgey!

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