DOGSPEAK: Toad-ally Awesome Friend

While wandering our new neighborhood I came upon a sign:


Being the tri-lingual (Canine, English, German) literate dog that I am, I quickly translated...

*woof yipper-yippity-yap*

Oh, wait, I mean, *Caution Amphibian Migration*.

And then I saw this toad-ally awesome friend:

I think he was on his way here:

A breeding ground for more toad-ally awesome friends.

All of this inspired me to write this 'fibious' Fib*:

 (that is toad-ally true)



toad me

to watch out

for some hoppy friends

I found one that was ribbiting

©2022, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

*a Fib is a 6-line poem with the syllable count: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

Speaking of Fibs, have you submitted to my upcoming poetry anthology, Two Truths and a FIB

Click here to find the guidelines!

The submissions I have received so far are AMAZING! 

I look forward to reading YOUR words soon...

The lovely and talented Karen Edmisten is hosting Poetry Friday this week. Join us!


Rose Cappelli said...

I was just thinking about your upcoming anthology! I plan to submit and have that on my to-do list. Smidgey's poem is a great example. Love "I toad you..."

Anonymous said...

And now Smidgey nails the Fib. Is there no end to this canine's talent?

P.S. Google won't let me sign in.

Jama xo

Linda B said...

Trying to find time to write, Bridget, more fun to look for toads! No, really I am working on it! Tell Smidgey to watch out for those "ribbiting" sights!

KatApel - said...

Oh, this poem made me so hoppy. I think it's my fave, from this wee-small pupper!

Linda Mitchell said...

What a great reminder post! I have been meaning to send you something toadally awesome...need to get through school first!

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for the fibbulous fib and the reminder to get cracking on my submission!

Carol Varsalona said...

What a great way to open my day-another Smidgey poem and this time he met a toadally interesting character. Thanks for the info on the new anthology. I did not know about this so I will think about truth or dare when writing.

Tabatha said...

Thanks for putting a spring in my step!

Michelle Kogan said...

Love your "ribbiting" toady poem Bridget, it made me very "hoppy" too! And thanks for your fib reminder, I'm looking forward to finding the FIB…

Gail Aldous said...

Smidgey is a good poet. Please tell him I love hoppy friends that ribbit, croak, peep, and trill. I have loved frogs and toads since I was a little girl. When I found a toad or a frog, I put them in a yellow bucket with grass and insects that I caught for them. My father called me Gail With the Yellow Pail. LOL

Gail Aldous said...

Oops, thank you for the reminder about your poetry anthology. :)

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