DOGSPEAK: Ding Dong Dog

 I have issues with knuckles on the door...

...and the doorbell.

No joke, I have issues.

Speaking of and dad are still crazy in love. 

Today is their 33rd wedding anniversary! 💖

I can't count that high in human years OR dog years.

But it's a lot.

Too bad 20 of those years were without me. 😩

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DOGSPEAK: Lucky Day!

Sometimes hanging around the kitchen pays off...

The other day when Dad was cleaning up, manna from heaven rained down upon me!


It. Was. Grate.

(we won't mention what happened with my belly later that night...😝 )

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DOGSPEAK: Toad-ally Awesome Friend

While wandering our new neighborhood I came upon a sign:


Being the tri-lingual (Canine, English, German) literate dog that I am, I quickly translated...

*woof yipper-yippity-yap*

Oh, wait, I mean, *Caution Amphibian Migration*.

And then I saw this toad-ally awesome friend:

I think he was on his way here:

A breeding ground for more toad-ally awesome friends.

All of this inspired me to write this 'fibious' Fib*:

 (that is toad-ally true)



toad me

to watch out

for some hoppy friends

I found one that was ribbiting

©2022, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

*a Fib is a 6-line poem with the syllable count: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

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