DOGSPEAK: Hangin' With My Gnomies

Switzerland has long been associated with gnomes...

...for both good and bad reasons.

(along our daily walking path)

In positive terms, they are thought of as mythological creatures that guard subterranean treasures

In more condescending terms, they are an unflattering nickname for Swiss bankers.

In dogspeak, they are friends.

Smidgey wrote this gnome poem for her neighborhood gnomies:


Last week I forgot to announce the fifth and final NPM winner of a beautiful hardback copy of my 10.10 Poetry Anthology - oops!

So without further ado, congratulations Sandra Y.! 

And thank you to all my email subscribers! To gnome you is to love you! 

Know who else we love around here?  


Happy Mother's Day to all moms everywhere*! 🎕

*but most especially MY mom, Pat Magee, 94 years young!

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