DOGSPEAK: Give That Wolf a Banana


Not a banana!


 I love May because mom watches the Eurovision Song Contest.

And as you know, I love cheese.

The Eurovision Song Contest is CHEESY in the best possible* a good way.

*it's not edible

2022 ESC brings together performers from 40 European-ish** countries to compete for the best song of the year. 

**I know I'm a pup of limited geographical knowledge, but I'm not sure when Australia relocated to Europe...

Previous ESC winners include Celine Dion, ABBA, and last year's winner, Måneskin.

As mom and dad watch, I lay on my pillow soaking up the sights and sounds of ESC.

One band that caught my attention is Subwoolfer from Norway.

Because, wolf.



I'm happy to report that, as of this writing, Subwoolfer is a finalist!

(The finals are Saturday 14 May is going to be a loooong night for a champion sleeper dog like me, but totally worth it to see the stage presentation/dancing/costumes.)

While the Subwoolfer's song Give That Wolf a Banana is catchy, they have it all wrong.

(I dare you to listen to it once and not sing "yum-yum-yum" on repeat in your head!)

Yes, save Grandma, but feed the wolf CHEESE

It's much more effective.

My poem is based on this song and will not make sense unless you've watched/heard the song.

Then again, it may not make sense even if you have. 

I am a dog after all.

You're welcome. 😄

Give yourself a dose of happy and watch all of the Eurovision Song Contest videos

Mom is also rooting for Switzerland to win (Marius Bear with Boys Do Cry - very Sinatra-like song) because then Switzerland will host ESC next year!!! 

Rose at Imagine the Possibilities is hosting Poetry Friday this week!

Join us!


Linda Mitchell said...

LOL. OK, Smidgey. I'm officially putting my paws together for Switzerland AND Norway. Thanks for the music and the fun.

Tabatha said...

My dogs would recommend chicken instead of a banana. Norway's song is very catchy! I just watched a recap of snippets of the final 25 songs. Wow, a lot of variety!

jama said...

Love your poem, Smidgey, even though I wasn't able to view the video (tried different browsers, deactivated Ad blocks, etc.). I hope Subwoolfer wins the contest, and I agree that it should be cheese instead of a banana!

Bridget Magee said...

I fixed the video link... now you can enjoy the song!

Linda said...

Great job, Smidgey! Thanks for another great DOGSPEAK post!

Sarah Grace Tuttle said...

This post brings back memories for me! In fourth grade we went to a wolf sanctuary, and the wolves came to the fence to get treats from the caregivers. And guess what? The treat was cheese! And they were SO happy! Thanks for the walk down memory lane... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, "Boys Do Cry" what a sweet tear-jerker song, I hope it wins too! Although I did like the SubWolfer Banana too—great wakeup song in our slumbering 80 degrees Spring weather in Chicago… Both songs are so different. And what a poem Smidgey, send my complements to Bridget!

Michelle Kogan said...

Hey Bridget, that anonymous comment above is from me, Michelle Kogan–maybe the heat helped me miss a step, thanks!

Robyn Hood Black said...

HAHAHA! You(both) are too funny, Bridget. And as someone who, years ago, volunteered with wolves at a local animal preserve for four years, I can attest to their preference for cheese.
Yum yum yum yum. ;0)

Patricia Franz said...

Listen to Smidgey! Thank you, Bridget!

Carol Varsalona said...

Smidgey, you did it again! I must tell the little dogs next door about your poem because they adore cheese. We offered them some yesterday and one of the brothers gobbled it up while his cautious brother waited patiently to see if he would like the taste.

Rose Cappelli said...

Thanks for this fun post, Bridget! You go Smidgey!

Mary Lee said...

Tonight's the night! Good luck to all the musicians you are woofing for!

Sally Murphy said...

Oh Smidgey (and Bridget) you do make me smile. I'm sorry your song didn't win.

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