DOGSPEAK: Color Me Happy

Being a dog of certain *ahem* breeds (Rat Terrier with a smidge of Chihuahua) I have been known to struggle with anxiety.

A. Lot.

(Apparently mom struggles, too, and she has zero Chihuahua in her - go figure!)

Being a resourceful pooch I deal with my anxiety in a variety of ways...

  • resting with my favorite stuffy...
  • munching carrots...

  •  and getting a helping hand when meeting other dogs in the 'wild'...

But recently I tried something new to deal with my anxiety...coloring!

Specifically coloring pages from The Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults: Mindful Coloring to Decrease Stress and Anxiety by Kara Holmes

(Kara really should include "Dogs" in the title...just sayin'.)

Just look at my handy paw-work!

Seriously...I can do ANYthing!

The author was thinking when she made this book...

"I’ve designed my coloring book with 67 unique patterns that have been proven to provide a calming effect to those struggling with anxiety. Some pages also include powerful affirmations to ward off negative thoughts and help the reader improve their outlook on life." ~Kara Holmes
Click on this picture ^ to nab your copy.

I'm especially proud that I got today's post done before the end of May because it is Anxiety & Depression Association of America's Mental Health Awareness Month.


 Today's poem is actually a throwback from a couple of years ago when I barked spoke about my dog avoidance anxiety challenges...

a hug and a hand
turns day into night
other dogs off-leash
there is no f(r)ight 

©2022, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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