DOGSPEAK: Poetry Boost

As we coast to the end of National Poetry Month, how about a little BOOST?

The multi talented Michelle Schaub over at has a whole website dedicated to sharing poetry to BOOST literacy

In Michelle's words...

"Poetry is literacy's superfood. Just as certain fruits and veggies are packed with antioxidants, poetry is loaded with rich content, brain-stimulating vocabulary, and nourishing literary devices. Poetry's concise format makes it a perfect choice for:

  • educators who are short on time but challenged with providing rigorous content 
  • reluctant readers who fatigue when faced with pages of text
  • advanced readers ready to dig into deeper analysis
  • English language learners who need exposure to rich vocabulary and sophisticated sentence structure in small bites
In short, poetry is a great choice to boost literacy in all learners."

I am proud and honored that Michelle featured me Smidgey this week!

Smidgey's yearning for the limelight and my recent move coincided perfectly for Smidgey to share my Jaunty Letter J poem from my 10.10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways.


(Click HERE to get to the video.)

Smidgey is so talented she can recite the entire poem without moving her doggy lips!

And Smidgey and I are not the only poets featured on Michelle's website this month.

A plethora of poetic ROCK STARS are sharing AMAZING poems that will knock your socks off

Or at least give you a long list of Poetry Books that you need to Get. Read. and Share...NOW.

Head on over to Jone Rush MacCulloch's place to meet up with some more ROCK STAR poets!