DOGSPEAK: Getting to the Point

Happy National Poetry Month!

Smidgey continues to enjoy the limelight...

 ...Me? Not so much.

Well, that is not entirely true.

I love making people laugh. (Myself included.)

But sometimes I am self conscious.



These videos are a delight to make. (So much so that I literally LOL during the process.)

And after I finish I am proud...for a minute.

But then I worry.

Does my voice really sound like that?

Am I weird to put this into the world?

Is my poetry good enough to be among *real* poets?

Maybe I should leave it in a draft folder and call it a day...

But then I look at Smidgey's tiny furry face

And I know someone in the world needs to see the joy she brings. 

Needs to hear her *ahem* voice.

Needs a few minutes of silly dog respite from their worries.

Which brings us to the here and now.

To the POINT of this post... a short and sweet video. (It will prove my point.)

(short + sweet = Smidgey)

Smidgey's Identity Crisis Poetry Series, 

Episode 2: Smidgey-who? Smidgey-ku!


Thank you for each and every comment on my blog. 

I read them to Smidgey and she gobbles up your kind words like a cheese-filled treat. 🧀

Winners have been chosen!

I am waiting to hear back from two lucky email subscribers who have each won a beautiful hardback copy of my 10.10 Poetry Anthology. (for April 1st and today's drawings)

There will be three more chances to win during National Poetry Month. 

Yay for a 5 Friday month!

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And for a complete listing of the NPM awesomeness happening in the kidlitosphere, go to Jama’s Alphabet Soup

Jama is everything that is good in the world.


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Rose Cappelli said...

Smidgey is such a delight! Your posts are so clever, Bridget.

Carol Varsalona said...

All those p's make for an enjoyable video, Bridget and Smidgey. Smidgey-kus. I am tired-ku but it is only morning. It must be the surgery eye and reading the PF posts that are making me sleepy. Thanks for another good laugh.

jama said...

You are having too much fun with these videos! Smidgey deserves extra treats this week. :)

Janice Scully said...

I hope Smidgey figures out that everything isn't all about him, poor dear.

Linda B said...

You must be having fun & getting so good at crafting the videos, Bridget. These are added fun with Smidgey doing the questioning!

Jone said...

I love Smidgey. He gets an extra treat.

Mary Lee said...

That face! Thanks for the Smidgey fix!

Linda Mitchell said... question...does Smidgey read minds? All your doubts and fears listed above? I have them. Sometimes, I'm embarrassed when a poem is successful. I wonder, "are they just trying to make me feel good?" I need a Smidgey to help. Love the work you do. Truly, making us smile is a gift I am grateful for.

laurasalas said...

Bridget, this is awesome. I can't imagine the work that goes into one of these videos, and Smidgey is a love. I have felt all the insecurities you listed, and often still do. I try to set them aside and "just do the work," but it's hard not to have comparisonitis, isn't it? Hooray for putting love and poetry and Smidgey out into the world!

Carol J. Labuzzetta said...

Your post made me smile and laugh this morning, Bridget! Smidgey is adorable. And, I can totally relate to your self-conscious rambling after a post! (or, while writing it). While I don't want any of us to feel unsure or insecure, I am glad to know that I am not alone! Continue to share Smidgey posts - you are both adorable! We need more posts that make us smile!

Elisabeth said...

You and Smidgey bring smiles to all of us! Your combined creative projects are a delight. I like Laura's advice to put the insecurities aside so you can follow your creative muse.

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks for all the reassurance, friends. Nice to know I am in good company. Smidgey and I are enjoying a bit of cheese together in honor of your kindness. :)

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Hey you! Don't you dare question your voice (or Smidgey's for that matter). Both of your voices are bright, clever, fun, sweet, and uniquely beautiful. xo

author amok said...

So much of Smidgey's personality comes across in this video. Wonderful series of haiku, Bridget!

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