3 March 2022 is World Book Day.

This year's theme is You Are a Reader.

Smidgey took this theme to heart.

And given the current state of the world, she chose a book that has heart for EVERY reader.

Even dogs.

Smidgey got her paws on WE BELONG (e-reader version) by Laura Purdie Salas and illustrated by Carlos Vélez Aguilera.

And as always, Smidgey had some thoughts.

While Smidgey has her dogged opinion about WE BELONG, MY opinion is that the text is rhythmic, rhyming and should be required for young (and young at heart!) readers.

And the illustrations are as uplifting and powerful as the words. 

(And so much more colorful than Smidgey realizes...poor dog.)

Here are the Book Specs:

written by Laura Purdie Salas

illustrated by Carlos Vélez Aguilera

published by  Carolrhoda Books ®

1 March 2022 (Happy Book Birthday!)

Picture Book for ages 4-8, 32 pages 


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