DOGSPEAK: Cheesy Pun...and Submission Guidelines

Smidgey decided to combine her knowledge of an Italian mathematician with her dogged sense of humor to make a really CHEESY pun:

©2022, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

Speaking of Fibonacci...

It's time to share the submission guidelines for Two Truths and a FIB Poetry Anthology!

*cue the confetti*

Have you ever played the ice breaker game "Two Truths and a Lie"?

(Game: introductions made by telling three tidbits about yourself: two truths and a lie. Usually, the other people playing try to guess which of the three tidbits is a lie.)

Well, my independently-published poetry anthology is based on this game.

Each submission should be three unpublished, original poems (written in English) following this formula: 


  • Each submission needs to introduce a well-known/general knowledge subject appropriate for ALL ages (ie. children, too!)
  • The SUBJECT of your poems will be the TITLE.
  • Poets may share a brief explanation of the poetry form(s) they used for their TRUTH poems, but all the FIBS will be Fib Poems* (see definition above).
  • If you don't want to write up your own brief explanation of the poetry form(s) you used for the TRUTH poems, I will collaborate with you. One goal of this anthology is to have an instructional element as well as be a joyful collection of poetry.
  • The three poems will be arranged in the order of Two Truths and a FIB as the title states.

Please note: Adding an element of cleverness is a PLUS!  

(again with the math references...sumtimes I just have to go there 😁)

📆SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 31 August, 2022 

All poets will be contacted by the end of September 2022.

👀WHERE TO SUBMIT Please send...

  • your three poems per subject (two TRUTHS and a FIB)
  • an optional brief explanation of poetry forms used in the two truths poems
  • your contact info: name and email is enough
  • to me, Bridget Magee at: weewordsforweeones(at)gmail(dot)com
    • with the subject line: "2 Truths and a Fib Submission"


📘PAYMENT: Poets who have their poem(s) accepted will receive one paperback contributor copy of the anthology per poet after publication.

📚PUBLICATION DATE: 1.1.23 (see what I did there?)

If you have any questions, email me at: bridget(at)bridgetmagee(dot)com.

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jama said...

I look forward to Dogspeak every week. Of course Smidgey is well acquainted with Fibonacci. We got cheese too. . . :)

Tabatha said...

I love how creative and playful you are, Bridget! Yay for new projects!

Patricia Franz said...

Gauntlet thrown! I am going to work! Thank you!

Linda B said...

Whew, my fib is ready, just kidding! I am glad that Smidgey might be along with us for some inspiration. And glad to have some time! Amazing and wonderful challenge, Bridget! Thanks!

Linda Mitchell said...

Yay! You ARE a glutton for punishment diving into anthology work again. But, I'm so glad. Smidgey fib? Never! I love the whole idea of this anthology and will get to my writing table right away as soon as I brush off this confetti--it bothers the cat. Thank you, Bridget!

Mary Lee said...

I am so excited to dig into this challenge! But first, a grilled cheese sandwich for sustenance!

Margaret Simon said...

I am intrigued by this call for submissions having fallen for the fib poem many times. How clever to place them in an anthology. Fun idea to tuck into my writer's cap. Thanks!

Heidi Mordhorst said...

This is pretty exciting, with a level of complexity that boggles this mind that thrives (or devolves) into complexity! May we have an example, please, Bridget?

mbhmaine said...

Thanks so much for the offer to submit to your newest project. You are a dynamo! PS I was hoping for an example as well!

Elisabeth said...

Love our weekly dose of the world as seen through Smidgey's eyes! Thanks for sharing it with us and being a part of the Poetry Friday party this week.

Karen Edmisten said...

A new anthology project! You are amazing, Bridget!

Rose Cappelli said...

Sounds like fun! Thank you!

Linda J. Thomas said...

I love a fun and clever challenge :-) Thank you for creating another anthology project, Bridget!

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