What's New in '22?

Here at wee words for wee ones I am happy to share some exciting new endeavors coming up in the New Year...

📚 the joy of punny notebooks/journals

🐾the poetic inner thoughts of an old Rat Terrier dog

📙and a new poetry anthology based on a FIB!

Wait, what?

📚 First things first, I am proud to share my line of wee word for wee ones notebooks

Combining my love of puns...

...with my dog:

Composition Notebooks

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal for Kids

...with my food:

Fill-in Recipe Journal

Garden Planning Journal

Gratitude Journal for Kids
To Do List Journal

To Do List Journal
Positive Affirmations Journal

Graph Paper Notebook
Composition Notebooks

...with my love of writing and teaching:

Nature Poetry Prompts Journal

Poetry Journal for Kids (with poems!)

Poetry Journal for Kids (with poems!)
  Poetry Journal for Kids (with poems!)

...and with other randomness in my life:

Composition Notebooks


Composition Notebooks

...I have created a collection of notebooks and journals for YOUR life.

Conveniently all these notebooks are available via Amazon, so they can be in your (or your child's) hands lickity-split!  

Until my brand new notebook website (weewordsnotebooks.com) goes live in the coming weeks, you can check out all my notebooks at my Author Central page

Also, keep your EYES 👀 out for my once a month What's New Wednesday post where I will share my newest notebook creations. 

Two titles coming soon are:

Positive Food Journal
Positive Affirmations Journal

(I am also very excited about the EFL early reader books I have in the works...)

🐾Second things second, starting next Friday I will be sharing poems from my newly minted DOGSPEAK! series.

I have long been inspired by Irene Latham's brilliant ARTSPEAK! series and have decided to do something similar...


While Irene has been in poetic conversation with images from the National Gallery of Art for the last several years, I will be in poetic conversation with images of...

...wait for it...


What is she thinking?


My youngest daughter moved back to the US this past summer and has been missing her sweet Smidgey ever since.

Being the mom that I am, I have been sending my daughter a Smidgey-picture-a-day for months.

Now I have A LOT of Smidgey pictures that poetically speak to me.

My ability to channel Smidgey has ramped up now that I am an empty-nester

I basically talk to my dog all day long...and she talks back

(Maybe I'm revealing too much?)

I hope you will join me every Friday to hear what my furry pal has to say.

📙Third things third, I will be curating and editing a new poetry anthology in the New Year!

Erm, actually the anthology will be published on 1.1.23 - a date that lends itself both to the title and the theme of the anthology:

Two Truths and a Fib Poetry Anthology

Without getting into too much detail (I will let you know all the nitty gritty information about deadlines, line lengths, payment info, etc. in the coming weeks) this poetry anthology will showcase a variety of poetic interpretations of the game "Two Truths and a Lie".

The unique twist to my Two Truths and a Fib Poetry Anthology is that the two poems that are TRUE can be in any form (with line length restrictions) and the one poem that is a FIB, has to be in the Fib poetry form.

Fib poetry, founded by Gregory Pincus, is a 6-line poem that follows the Fibonacci sequence for syllable count per line: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8.

Every submission has to be a three poem creation about a subject/person that is well known to a general, multi-age audience

Remember, a fib sounds like it could be true...

Make sense?

Does this get your creative juices flowing?

I have just the notebook for you to write down your ideas...just sayin'. 😜

🔔 And finally, today's poem is inspired by the Poetry Sisters challenge to write a poem featuring a BELL

Here's to RINGING in the New Year:

bell is 

a ringing word

a brass singing word



time for dinner



jackpot winner



time to worship and pray



time to call it a day


bells vibrate

eardrums gyrate


bells quiver

listeners shiver


bells are shiny,



and tethered


can a bell be unrung?


can their song be unsung?

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


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