I see YOU!

Peeking out to catch a glimpse of Smidgey.

We are lucky to live just below a Swiss farm. 

(On downwind days, maybe not so lucky.😏) 

Daily we walk Smidgey past the farm and fields where our bovine friends reside. 

Once we happened upon the birth of a calf! 

This baby is MINUTES old!

It has been interesting to watch the interactions (if any) between dog and cows. 

The younger the calf, the more thrilling it seems to be when our wee Smidgey passes on by. 

Cows? What cows?

But for Smidgey, she literally could care less about the cows - big or small. 

(Other dogs, cats, rodents, etc. - big or small - is a WHOLE other ball of hysterical scream-barking!)

Today's poem is a counting rhyme in honor of our neighbors up the hill...

1 cow stands 

2 cows chew

3 cows low: moo, moo, moo

4 cows swish

5 cows sway

6 cows munch: hay, hay, hay

7 cows wander 

8 cows graze

9 cows watch: gaze, gaze, gaze

10 cows calm 

10 cows alert

10 cows milked: squirt, squirt, squirt

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved. 


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