Merry and Bright

Smidgey here.

I got lit

Don't I look merry and bright

I'll give you bright, but don't push your merry on me!

But if I pretend to be merry mom gives me a treat. (🥕)

And she gives me a forum (this blog) to speak my truth...

...which in 2022 you will be hearing weekly

But I'm getting ahead of myself

Mom will share what's coming up on wee words for wee ones in the New Year next week...

In the meantime, look what mom stuck my head into recently. 

Dogs and hoodies don't matter the temperature.

To drive this point home I wrote this poem...


some dogs have fur that is thick

I have fur that is thinning 

on cold days I wear a hoodie

mom can't keep from grinning


OK, I admit I look good

- did I just hear you scoff?

hoodies are not for every...body

they're hard to pull off

(see what I did there?)

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


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