Creepin' It Real

We lived in Arizona for 7 years and had close encounters with all manner of pokey, slithery, furry, pinchy, crawly things.

When we moved to Switzerland, we (naively) thought our creepy critter days were over.


We didn't have to search the 'web' to find pictures of these bad boys...we just had to look up:

From a few weeks ago...


...and last night!

(in all fairness, they could be girls and/or good, but NOT. IN. MY. HOUSE!)

Today's poem tells the story of our 'temporary guests' demise... 

RIP Spiders. 🕷🕷

(to the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider"🎵)

considerably-sized spiders

crawled up our stucco'd walls

old lady freak out dance

accompanied high-pitched calls

out came the hand-vac

pointed at the ceiling

and the considerably-sized spiders

vanished amidst high-pitched squealing

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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Linda Mitchell said...

Encore! Encore! Same here, Bridget...when I saw a saw of HATCHING spiderlings on the ceiling of my laundry room I vacuumed them up as fast as I could. I know, I should have much more sympathy for the little ones...but NOT. IN. MY. HOUSE. You remind me of a story that happened this week at work. I may have to put it to verse. Stay tuned.

Mary Lee said...

I won't show this to hubby. He's of the "catch and release" mind on spiders. I've been known to use the vacuum a time or two. Especially in the corners of the basement, heh, heh. I love the line "considerably-sized spiders"!! :-)

jama said...

OH, I feel you! Can't stand spiders (and we have giant ones since we live in the woods). Clever poem; I can always count on smiling whenever I visit.

Michelle Kogan said...

Those are some scary arachnids Bridget… I usually like to carry them out but I don't think I'd be quite as kind to the likes of these. And an added plus from putting your fun poem to the "tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider," thanks!

Karen Eastlund said...

Eewww! Seriously. Funny poem, tho! I love writing to known tunes. Good luck with all your 8-legged friends.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

YIKES! Although I did bravely perform a catch and release of a considerably sized spider in our school hallway yesterday. Luckily the lost'n'found was close by, so I gloved my hand in a red fleece hat for the act. What a hero, eh?

author amok said...

I can't help it -- I feel for the spiders! My husband would be with you, Bridget. He's convinced every spider is a brown recluse. I laughed at your old lady freak-out dance! (Laura Shovan)

Tim Kulp said...

Thanks for sharing your poem! I read once that the thing about spiders that creeps people out the most is how their legs make their movement unpredictable to us bipeds. That goes for snakes, bees, and other slithery 6+ leg crawly things. Thanks!

KatApel - said...

Can so relate. My own spider poem is here; Though that said, (and odd, I know) but that fellow you've posted reminds me of the grass spiders that we get. And they don't scare me like hairy huntsmen. Very very odd. I mean, they do make me jump. But they just don't have all the looks and scary tendencies (ie - run towards terrified humans) of the huntsman. Loved your poem!

Bridget Magee said...

Thank you all for commenting! Interesting that most people have a strong emotional response to spiders - both positive and negative. I was hoping my experience would resonate and that you all would share your experiences. :)
Linda: We had a spider hatching a HUGE lot of spiderlings outside on our balcony this summer - less squeals that time since it was not actually in my house. I'm intrigued by what happened at your work...I look forward to the resulting verse.
Mary Lee: I TRY to be 'catch and release', but sometimes irrational fear takes over. And my over active imagination, like what if he crawls OUT of the vacuum to seek his revenge!
Jama: Spider visitors from the woods must be interesting guests! Ha! I can always count on smiling when you visit. :)
Michelle: It's always a judgement call, but sometimes the irrational fear factor takes over. 'Itsy Bitsy' is a catchy tune...
Karen: Yes, writing to well know tunes is fun and challenging in that what I hear in my head may not translate to the reader. Alas, the challenge of writing!
Heidi: You ARE a hero! And resourceful! A hat as a glove is both clever and life saving.
Laura: I know I feel bad on a level, but I have had experience with brown recluses - oh and tarantulas and black widows (all in AZ) and those experiences heightened my arachnophobia unfortunately. :(
Tim: Yes, I think it is the unpredictability of the creepy, crawly critters that puts me over the edge.
Kat: OK, the hairy huntsmen spider wins the prize! Along with your poem which actually DID win a prize - brava! I'm shuddering for and with you...

laurasalas said...

Oooh. Okay, I know spiders are "good," but I do not want any in my home. That squealing line--lord, I was shuddering!

skanny17 said...

Oh, I am in the "go away spiders" go away now club!! I try to think of them as Charlotte's friends and family, but alas I can't really pull off the catch and release thing. So I know they are generally helpful, but.... Janet Clare F.

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Laura! Yep, you and me both!
Thanks, Janet! Charlotte and Co. is a nice thought unless said 8-legged friend is above your bed!
Thank you both for commenting! :)

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