Dog•gedly Differing Opinions

Gratitude is in the air! 

But hedgehogs are on the ground! 

Since coming to Switzerland four years ago my cup o'gratitude has been overflowing. 

During this autumn season, I am thankful for the abundance of hedgehogs.

Along walking paths.

In the bushes beside said paths. 

Even leisurely crossing the road. 

(unfortunately this sometimes leads to their demise 😱)

Prickly pal posing beside the path. 

They are so darn cute

Uh, hold that thought, I hear Smidgey barking

Someone must be at the door...

Bark! Yip! Growl!


While Mom is checking on NO ONE at the door, I have a chance to take over this blog post and weigh in on this whole "hedgehogs are so darn cute" nonsense! 

(At 9 kilos, I am a dog who is weighed down with opinions!)

For the record, hedgehogs are NOT cute! 

Do you see that prick-pic above? 

That is NOT a cute animal. 

That is a smelly animal.

That is an annoying animal.

That is an animal that must. be. eliminated. from. my. world.

But, nooooooo, Mom and Dad keep me on a short leash when we encounter these vermin! 

Why do I have to have self control when those critters hog the hedges? Seriously!

Aaaad, they are NOT sharp. 

OK, they are sharp, but boy are they dumb! 

Look how close Mom and Dad got to that guy to take that picture above!

He just laid there like he's a Kardashian and they were the paparazzi! Disgusting!

Another time, when I was going for a hedge-jog, I came upon one of these pin cushions. 

I did what any other decent Rat Terrier would do, I went "Smidgey" on his spines.

But then Dad yanked ME back!

And do you know what the hedgehog did? 

He just poked his tiny little head through the opening in the fence and left his bulbous prickle ball bum exposed. 

Right there next to the path! 

It's like he thought he was HIDING!

Uh, oh, Mom's coming back. 

I've got to wrap this up...

I'll show you HIDING!

I didn't touch the computer. YOU touched the computer.

I'm back

So weird, no one was at the door.

Anyway, where were we...oh yeah, hedgehogs

They are so darn cute and I am thankful for them. 

So much so I wrote today's poem in their honor...

pointy noses
prickled spikes
wee critters
Smidgey likes @#$%&s!

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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splendor. Join us!


  1. Oh, Bridget and Smidgey! What a delightful post of fun and opinion. I learned some things about hedgehogs. (Like that they hog hedges, haha!) I laughed many times, and that photo of Smidgey makes me think he really did have something to do with this.

  2. LOL. Too. much. fun. Great to hear from the brilliant Smidgey -- though I can't agree. Hedgehogs are cute and I wish I could see one in person. Was that a pointed remark? :)

  3. I am cracking up over this post. I think Smidgey would get along quite well with Arthur (who has no patience for the voles tunneling in our yard). Loved the voice in your poems.

  4. Too funny, Bridget. I loved reading both sides of the hedgehog story. Poor Smidgey! You proem is such fun!

  5. Ha! I like the 'look' of the critters but have only seen them in pet shops & that was a long time ago. My students were trying to choose a class pet & they thought hedgehogs would be great, until they discovered they were nocturnal & they'd never see them do anything! : ) You did make me laugh out loud, Smidgey, with that line "like he's a Kardashian". I see from the pic that you must must do a bit of googling or . . . Hope those prickles don't get you down too much! (Happy Weekend hiking, maybe, Bridget!

  6. A cleverly constructed post Bridget. Different perspectives, different voices and different opinions. Doggedly different...

  7. Hahahahahaha! Oh, Smidgey. You poor pup. Those hedgehogs are always going to win the cute prize. Thanks for being the doggo that you are and setting the record as straight as a pin...or, as straight as it can be. Your Mom is sure lucky you are her right hand dog. At least she will be protected from the evil, stinky forces of the prickly guys.

  8. Bridget, your dual voice really rocked different perspectives on a pin-cushioned animal. Keep that humor going because Smidgey may have a career ahead of him.

  9. This made me laugh and smile!

    I love the signs warning drivers to watch out for Hedgehogs crossing the road. I'd never seen them before living here.

  10. So clever, Bridget! :) I'm sorry, Smidgey, but I think hedgehogs are adorable.

  11. Thanks for all the laughs Bridget, fun story! Smidgey's quite a clever pup and takes great pics too, along with hedgehog but mums the word…

  12. Hahahaha--this is so much fun, Bridget!

  13. Unfortunately Blogger changed the way I can respond to each blanket statement here: THANK YOU for your kind words. Smidgey appreciates the your reading her rant, but she still can not understand you people who like hedgehogs. She howls, "What is wrong with you?!"
    xo, Bridget and Smidgey


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