atTENtion! PF Round Up is here!

Thank you for joining me as I host Poetry Friday during the TENth month of the year (October) which also happens to be my birthday month!🎂

Warning: The following post contains puns that are very much inTENded as I have very little 'shelf' control. I like to keep things 'lit' in the hopes that I will brighTEN your day. 

Speaking of birthdays and lit, I'm happy to announce the book birthday of my first anthology...10•10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways. *insert thunderous applause*

I am immensely proud to have 'booked' 58 poets, both new and well established, from around the world to share their amazing poetic compeTENce. Without them this anthology literally would not exist.

I will not preTENd that I knew what I was doing during the making of this anthology, but I paid atTENtion to my heart and remained persisTENt throughout the TENure of this project. 

I really knew this idea had poTENtial when I received a few submissions that featured kitTENs!😻

LisTEN, just like I don't have a favorite child (hear that, girls?!) I couldn't pick a favorite poem writTEN by one of the many talented writers featured in this anthology. 

But I do have a favorite husband and his name starts with J, which also happens to be the TENth letter of the alphabet. So here's my poem about the letter J:

10.10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways is available in most places in paperback and Kindle versions via Amazon.

It is available in paperback and hardback (plain blue cloth cover) versions distributed by IngramSpark. You can ask your local independent bookstore to order a copy* or order directly from me (to be sent anywhere in the world) via my website

You won't want to keep the news of this anthology to your 'shelf', so feel free to share it ofTEN. You are 'bound' to be 'booked' this weekend if you do. Makes a great gift!

Speaking of Gifts (it is my birthday month after all...)  I am giving away 10 paperback copies of 10•10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways to 5 randomly chosen commenters - one for you and one for someone you'd like to share poetry with to brighTEN their day.

Also, if you are interested in all things anthology, keep your anTENna tuned to Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell as they facilitate their #Anthologies101 workshops. (

*Contact me direct for ISBN title details/cost/shipping information at

Add your link below and let's get this party started!