Friday, September 17, 2021

Re-PUG-nantly Honest

This week one of my 5 year old students made the funniest observation

We were looking at the -ug word family (tug, hug, bug, etc.) when I showed him this picture:

(old school clip art on index cards!)
Without a moments hesitation he blurts, "gremlin dog!" 

Because of course a Pug looks like a gremlin to a 5 year old

I mean no disrespect to Pugs and their people, but I kind of feel like this description is spot on. 
I am a HUGE dog person (Smidgey much?) but when I heard my student say this with such conviction I had to agree.

Take a look...don't you see the resemblance around the eyes...nose...mouth?
When they're dry and during the day...

..."Pug-et about it!"

 Anyway, I love the way kids view the world (and dogs!) It makes my heart happy.

pug eyes

devilish grin

gremlin pooch?

5 year old spin?

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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Linda B said...

Yes, five year olds are terrific! "What he said/fits right in!" Very funny, Bridget!

Denise Krebs said...

Bridget, sweet observation! I hope you share your poem and post with this five-year-old. He can see that we are all learners and all teachers. I love the photos you've chosen, and the "Pug-et about it" comment that little pug is making! Sweet post.

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Linda! Kids are the best at seeing things we never considered. :)

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Denise. Yep, I shared it with him and his parents...and apparently they are not the source of the gremlin insight either. :)

jama said...

So fun, a wise observation. In fact, pawsitively spot on!

Susan T. said...

That comment is so funny. I love pugs! A couple of weeks ago I met two in one day.

Linda Mitchell said...

Bwa ha ha! Yes, I agree and understand no insults are intended.

KatApel - said...

That's pugtastic. Thanks for the smile, Bridget.

Karen Eastlund said...

Out of the mouths of 5-year-olds...perfect. Thanks for this close & fun look at pugs!

Michelle Kogan said...

Love the last line of your poem Bridget–and I see that "devilish grin." The boy and your poem are both spot on, thanks!

Elisabeth said...

How fun! I'm glad you're getting to teach again. We have pug-sat for two pugs before and I would say that your student's description is spot on! Your poems always make me smile.

Ruth said...


Carol Varsalona said...

Bravo, you made a poem from an experience with a five-year-old and the poem is adorable, Bridget.

Mary Lee said...

Wise fiver that!

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