Re-PUG-nantly Honest

This week one of my 5 year old students made the funniest observation

We were looking at the -ug word family (tug, hug, bug, etc.) when I showed him this picture:

(old school clip art on index cards!)
Without a moments hesitation he blurts, "gremlin dog!" 

Because of course a Pug looks like a gremlin to a 5 year old

I mean no disrespect to Pugs and their people, but I kind of feel like this description is spot on. 
I am a HUGE dog person (Smidgey much?) but when I heard my student say this with such conviction I had to agree.

Take a look...don't you see the resemblance around the eyes...nose...mouth?
When they're dry and during the day...

..."Pug-et about it!"

 Anyway, I love the way kids view the world (and dogs!) It makes my heart happy.

pug eyes

devilish grin

gremlin pooch?

5 year old spin?

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App on the Map

What has a green owl mascot, a passive-aggressive app interface, and a satisfying *ding*?

Oh, and was co-founded by a guy from Canton Zug, Switzerland? (Where I live!)

If you guessed Duolingo, you guessed right!

I've blogged a few times about my experiences using Duolingo to learn German (I had a 700+ day streak until recently*), but when I found out the local link to my daily habit, I knew I had to blog about it yet again. 

Severin Hacker (how great a name is that?) is a 37-year old computer scientist who grew up in Canton Zug. After studying at the local school and attending ETH Zurich, Severin went to America and attended Carnegie Mellon University where he teamed up with his professor Luis von Ahn to develop Duolingo in 2012. Today Hacker is Head of Technology at Duolingo while von Ahn is CEO.

*Apparently jet lag, timezone changes, and general emotional turmoil are not conducive to language learning. Who knew?

In honor of Mr. Hacker, I am sharing a poem I wrote last year about Duolingo. (Because repetition is the hallmark to this app. 😉)

each correct answer

brings me closer

to understan...*ding*

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