#PoetryPals: What the Smidgey Knows

This month's Poetry Peeps challenge was one that spoke to me. 

Because my dog speaks to me.*

The poetry challenge is to write in the style of Jane Yolen's eight line, rhyming poem, "What the Bear Knows", a poem written to celebrate her 400th book, Bear Outside.

I love me a good challenge.

And nothing is more challenging than our little dog, Smidgey

(Just kidding, she's actually a delight.)

Are you talking about me?

What the Smidgey Knows


Food in a bowl.

Smushed for old lady teeth.

A nest of hairy blankets.

Oversized pillow underneath.


The length of the leash,

so many smells to sniff.

Scrubbed in the tub,

when people catch a whiff.  

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

*did I mention I am a fledgling empty nester? 

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