Grond Girl

I'm baaaccckkk.....

I am finally back at my Swiss keyboard after spending the last 7 weeks in the United States.

It was an emotional roller coaster of a trip. (understatement)

The main order of business was repatriating and celebrating our youngest daughter, Maureen's launch into adulthood.

I won't bore you with the *feels* of saying goodbye to my just-turned-18-year-old, but there is no doubt in my mind that she will. be. just. fine

In fact, I know she will THRIVE in this new phase of her life.

Another order of business hugging my oldest daughter, Colleen after 18 months - and of course, taking many selfies with her:

Pismo Beach, CA


We also visited family. Lots. Of. Family.

 And the final order of business for our trip was getting all the things we can't get here in Switzerland.

4 checked bags worth!

From food:

To home furnishings:
Blackout curtains (installation pending)

To personal care items...

Now, if you are a regular reader here at wee words for wee ones you may have seen some of the throw back pictures I sometimes post. In those pictures you may have noticed that my hair was brunette back in the day.

But premature graying (in my early 20's!) drove me to the bottle...the bottle contained inside a box of American drug store hair color.

Wash away the gray and go grond! (gray+blond=grond)

grond girl!

 My poem today is a rainbow reflection on my trip abroad.


- my eyes from allergies, insomnia, and tears


- two birthday goldfish, Squeak and Squish, whose bubble surfing intermittently distracts someone from missing her dog


- my hair because life is short, my gray came early, so I went blond. And with my American supply, I have enough now to dye another day


- tiny Matchbox car rolling over carpet, couches, and legs, driven by an almost two-year-old who holds the key to many hearts


- someone's pillow tucked under her arm, spilling into the narrow aisle on the airplane so she can lay her head on something familiar in her new home


- the circles under my eyes matching the sky above the mountains just before the sun appears dawning a new day on this side of the world

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