A Toast to the Loaf of my Life

 Today I am raising a toast to my butter half on the occasion of our 32nd Wedding Anniversary!

He makes my heart turn to jelly.

Joe truly is the best thing since sliced bread - our love never gets stale and as you can see in our wedding picture below, he likes my buns (still). 😘

June 17, 1989

32 years of laughter

a fair bit of sorrow

we've lived in CA, WI, CH

and the land of Saguaro


it took a while

for our girls to arrive

parenting partners

together we survive 

your kindness is a plus

your farts are a minus

as a best friend

you are the finest

everyday I recommit

my love for you

32 years later

I'd still say "I do"

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


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