Did you hear? Poetry Friday is HERE!

Speaking of hearing things...


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Do you hear that?


That's the sound of satisfaction coming after a month of reading, writing, sharing, and celebrating POETRY!

While April was a flurry of National Poetry Month goodness, I'm kicking off the first Poetry Friday in May with a listening exercise of a different sort. 

The folks at Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids took a story I wrote and turned it into a Storytime Audio Experience! How cool is that?

I tend to hear voices in my head (ahem, character voices!) when I'm writing, but to hear another person take your story and voice it was a whole new experience. 

Please check out my Storytime Audio debut: 

Career Day

at Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids. Squee!

If you feel so inclined, while you're there leave a comment and/or check out what else they have to offer:

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