Chick it Out...Fowl Fun

Happy Dance Like a Chicken Day!

Yep, today, 14 May, actually is Dance Like a Chicken Day!

And the Chicken Dance originally roosted right here in Switzerland!

I know, right?

Chick out these Fun Fowl Factoids:

🐔In the 1950's a young Swiss named Werner Thomas penned the melody for what would become the Chicken Dance.

🐔The original name was 'Der Ententanz' which translates to 'The Duck Dance'.

🐔In the 1970's the song (and its signature dance moves) came to the United States where September Music Corporation acquired the rights and Stanley Mills added lyrics in English.

🐔It wasn't until the 1980's that the Chicken Dance got the world wide love and admiration it deserves!

On the National Today website, where I found all these egg-citing factoids, the number one suggestion on how to celebrate National Dance Like a Chicken Day is:

  1. Dance like a chicken
And who better to dance with me than Smidgey! (Who, by the way, is feeling MUCH better - though I must confess it took a chicken treat to inspire her to dance.)

As for me, I don't need chicken treats to want to dance. What I lack in dancing skills I make up for in enthusiasm.

Today's poem is proof positive that hennything is possible when you combine chicken dancing and a dog:

oompah band
four paws land
doggy chicken dance

her tail swings
flapping wing
doggy chicken dance

wiggle butt
flying mutt
doggy chicken dance
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