picture + form = Let's Dance!

 (i)*National Poetry Month 2021

To celebrate I am sharing a picture and poetic form - everyday in April!

1 April: Lizard Toe

2 April: Open Wide

3 April: Who Am I?

4 April: Cone-y Island Dog

5 April: Happy Birthday, Colleen!

6 April: Watermark Moon

7 April: GOTCHA!

8 April: Snow Kidding

9 April: I 'der' to Learn German

10 April: Labyrinth Enlightenment

11 April: Hoverbird

12 April: Lucky Ducky

13 April: Stone Face

14 April 2021 picture + form: Let's Dance!



a middle age white woman bippity-bops around the house

her arms thrust, knees bend, hips swing to the BOOMBAYAH beat while sweat drips

K-Pop transcends age and culture - once you K-Pop you can't K-Stop

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


picture: me flailing to EmkFit K-Pop video in the living room

poetic form: Sijo

  • Korean poetic form
  • 3 lines long
  • each line is 14-16 syllables:
    • line 1 introduces theme of poem
    • line 2 develops theme with more detail
    • line 3 presents a twist and conclusion