picture + form = Going Up

(i)*National Poetry Month 2021

To celebrate I am sharing a picture and poetic form - everyday in April!

1 April: Lizard Toe

2 April: Open Wide

3 April: Who Am I?

4 April: Cone-y Island Dog

5 April: Happy Birthday, Colleen!

6 April: Watermark Moon

7 April: GOTCHA!

8 April: Snow Kidding

9 April: I 'der' to Learn German

10 April: Labyrinth Enlightenment

11 April: Hoverbird

12 April: Lucky Ducky

13 April: Stone Face

14 April: Let's Dance

15 April: Optimism

16 April: Seek and Ye Shall Find

17 April: Unstable Connection

18 April: Two Tired Together

19 April:  Böögg

20 April: Britney

21 April: RIP Troll-like Shakespearean Character

22 April: Seymour (See-more) the Cat 

23 April: Slow Burn

24 April: haiku 

25 April: Love with a Capital J 

26 April: Call Me Maybe

27 April: Pointed Reminder 

28 April 2021 picture + form: Going Up

picture: pixabay

poetic form: Fibonacci poetry 

  • was founded by Gregory Pincus 
  • 6-line poem that follows the Fibonacci sequence for syllable count per line:
  • 1 syllable for first line
  • 1 syllable for second line
  • 2 syllables for third
  • 3 syllables for fourth
  • 5 syllables for fifth
  • 8 syllables for sixth  


Cathy said...

Your first four lines really are perfect for this picture! As a child, the escalator was an intimidating beast. Fibonacci was a great form for this poem. It's shape even works.

Linda B said...

Our science museum's escalator shows the inner workings on the side. We never tire of watching it for a few moments. One of the airport's escalators collapsed one time a few years ago, many injured. Although I've never been fearful before, I think of that every time I ride! Your poem shows the fear very well! Yikes, swallowed by that steel monster!

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Cathy! I like fib poems because they are manageable with number of lines and syllables. This one could probably have done with more revision...alas the pressure to post daily! Hee hee. :)

Bridget Magee said...

I'd love to see that exhibit, Linda! I find escalators fascinating and as a child, terrifying. I guess that came through in this poem. :)

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