Peak Safety

 Living in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains, has its ups and downs. 😉

We visited the Non-Disney Matterhorn last summer.







The Swiss are known for their preparedness, hence their famous Army and its famous Knife.

I made my own custom knife with... own custom warning.

But one thing I never expected when moving here, was our ability to receive (and necessity to have access to!) emergency air rescue for a low, low annual price - just 80 CHF/year.

Switzerland has a non-profit, non-commercial air rescue organization called Rega





From their website, their fundamental concept is: 

"We are a non-profit organisation that is funded by its patrons. Our services are primarily geared towards the needs of the Swiss population. We are financed by means of private funding. This enables us to operate independently in the service of our patients. In the interest of the patient, we take an active stand against the commercialisation of air rescue. Emergency missions and other operations carried out on behalf of the general public are not conditional upon whether or not the ensuing costs are covered. Our rescue activities are based on the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross"

Within this organization, there are 12 rescue helicopters based all over Switzerland ready to provide emergency assistance within minutes.

No matter where we are in Switzerland, it's good to know our PEAK SAFETY is a high priority. 

Today's poem is a homage acrostic:

         mountain Rescue


   for cliff hanGer


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And in honor of Valentine's Day this weekend, here's a 'tongue in peak' joke to 'lift' your spirits:

Helicopter rescue pilots have the most successful pick-up lines.

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