Head Space

With the recent departure of a certain occupant of a house that is white, I've felt a shift in my brain function.

I can now think about other things 45% more of the time!

Get it? 45 percent?


What shall I do with my freed up headspace?


Along with so many, I echo the awe of Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem and of, well, HER

(Did you see her interview with Anderson Cooper? Swoon!)

The following line from her inaugural poem, The Hill We Climb, inspired my GOLDEN SHOVEL pledge poem:

"striving to form a union that is perfect" ~ Amanda Gorman

I will keep striving 

to write love and lightness into the world, to 

spread kindness in the form 

of my silly humor that only a 

goofball like me can create, to 'bridge'* a union 

between despair and delight that 

gives momentary respite as we continue to endure what is 

because what is is not yet perfect

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

*my name even brings things together!😉

Now if I could just free up the other 55% from worrying about Covid...

Mosey on over to this week's Poetry Friday hostess, Laura Shovan's blog for her profound insights on Amanda Gorman's brilliance.