What the Elf?

I don't need to tell you that things are pretty elfed up right now.

Because they are.

For all of us.

But instead of wallowing in the what the elf, I've decided to put my energy into 'Where's the Elf?'.

Meet Elfanza:


A sassy imp who jumped ship shelf to help us through this elfing season. Hopefully her antics will make you smile

Smiling is her favorite. (and Buddy's, too!)

Elfanza fell for Blue!
Then when others went low, Elfanza went HIGH!

She was caught lifting weights being lifted by weights....

...then sinking into the couch post workout.

Unfortunately she ran into trouble when rummaging through a drawer looking for candy...

...then she got stuck in the blender...pour her.

This choice of hiding place just wasn't cool.

Her favorite spot is looking over a picture of a Christmas-past (Colleen and Maureen circa 2004).


Today's poem was written for another purpose, but while pilfering looking through my files, Elfanza came across it and decided to modify it to fit her elfing antics. Enjoy!

If I bend, stretch,
coil and twist,
my rear and ear
suddenly kiss.
I'm an elf.
©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.
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