Wee Bright (and sweaty) Spot

Unfortunately the internet can be a dark place. With this in mind, I work hard to make my wee blog a bright spot for you to visit.  

Today I am talking about rediscovering of the joy of being light on my feet and getting my groove on! 💃

Being of, *ahem*, a certain age, I thought my dancing days were over. I did gymnastics all the way through my childhood and into college. Here are two pictures of me competing on floor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, circa 1988:

Split jump!

Back when my hair was brown!

Somehow over the years I've forgotten how much I LOVE DANCING

During the lock down in the spring I was looking to spice up my exercise routine instead of just jog, jog, jogging.

Don't get me wrong. I love to jog. I've been doing it for years...In 2016, when we lived in Tucson, I celebrated my 50th birthday by running 10 different 5K runs over the course of the 10 months leading up to my October birthday. (It was an expensive, but fun challenge.)

I do miss warm Tucson winters...


I continue to jog here in Switzerland (though 5K races are few and far between...and I'm sure even more expensive!) but I wanted to do other forms of movement, too.

Then my Colleen told me about a YouTube channel: emkfit that publishes weekly dance fitness videos. 

SO FUN! At first I saw that most of the dance exercise videos were around 20 minutes, so I thought, "The perfect quick and fun workout." 

But then I got hooked

Now I do about an hour of emkfit videos every day or so. I didn't say I was a good dancer (I am not), but I do have a lot of fun. And my mood always brightens...while I sweat!

Trigger Warning: Here is 9 seconds of me flailing myself happy:

Dancing at home is perfect for a pandemic, for winter weather, and for getting out of your head and finding joy. One more benefit? 12 lbs lost (since April) and counting...

Smidgey, on the other hand, does this while I dance:

Her bright spot is behind her closed eyes.


Today's poem is my invitation for YOU to dance with ME!



©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

Dance on over to Teacher Dance and join Linda who is hosting the Poetry Friday fun!



Michelle Kogan said...

Bridget, what a fun and lively post. I love it all, your moving-motion poem, and especially the dancing and smidgey carrying on… And wow you were quite the gymnast Brava, thanks!

Janice Scully said...

What an inspiring post. I wasn't aware of this video but dancing is more fun than most exercises. I'll have to check it out. Keep moving!

jama said...

Yes, your blog is definitely a bright spot! And I didn't know about your gymnastics and running, and now dancing! Awesome, though I also like Smidgey's take on things. :D

Carol Varsalona said...

Bridget, congratulations on your October birthday and your pandemic fitness program. Your poem has a sprightly beat and lots of lively verbs to keep you going and inspire me to get up and bop.

Tabatha said...

"Flail Yourself Happy" should be trademarked, Bridget. I love how much you enjoy moving :-) I'm more like Smidgey, but I do get a kick out of this guy's workouts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3lEhUBNqIrFMatB9Zgxo0g

Margaret Simon said...

I miss dancing! My husband and I took lessons and would go out at least once on the weekends to dance. We haven't danced much during the pandemic. Maybe I should dance solo to get in a good workout.

Linda B said...

It really does sound like a great workout. I've been walking, walking, but while I love being out, the same blocks get a bit old! I love seeing your gymnastic pics, Bridget. Wow, impressive! And I always love seeing Smidgey, no matter the position! Thanks for the "jump

Mary Lee said...

Wow! Look at you back in the day!!

Smidgey cracks me up! This post, however, makes me aspire to join you in "flailing myself happy."

david edge said...

Ok, that really does look like fun! You go, girl (no matter what the calendar says).

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Michelle! Your kind words are a happy dance in my brain. :)

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Janice! I don't think I'm the target audience/demographic of these dance-exercise videos, but they are sure fun - no matter my age. :)

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Jama! Sometimes Smidgey will side-eye me because I disturb her nap. Ha! :)

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Carol! Anything that gets readers to "get up and bop" is a good thing. :)

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Tabatha! The anonymity of my living room really helps me get my flail on. Also, thanks for the link to the Reps to the Rhythm guy. I'm going to give his Happy Dance video a whirl today! :)

Bridget Magee said...

I highly recommend dancing - solo or with your hubs, Margaret. My Joe and I took some dance classes together over the years - now THAT was a sight to behold. Our height difference and differing interpretation of the beat made for a lot of laughs, but not much actual dancing. :)

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Linda! Smidgey is good about tolerating my goofy wiggley-jiggley moves in her territory. When she's had enough, she gets up and leaves the room...:)

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Mary Lee! Please join me - the more people flailing happily the better the world will be. :)

Bridget Magee said...

I look forward to flailing with you guys some day in CA. I bet you two would have fun with these workouts. :)

laurasalas said...

Bridget, I can't tell you how happy this makes me. First, my big sisters all did gymnastics (to varying degrees), so I spent loads of time in gyms as a child. And I did some dance and cheerleading. So many good memories here. And I adore your Bridget Boogies video, which is a poem unto itself! I miss dancing, too, and now that I no longer belong to a gym that has zumba and such, joyous dance has become a thing of the past. I'm going to check out emkfit--thank you for all of this JOY! You inspire me!

Karen Edmisten said...

Bridget, so sweet and upbeat! Love this. My exercise is often just jumping around (I can't call it dancing) in my bedroom while I watch a show on my laptop. Maybe I'll check out emkfit, too. :) Love the growing joy and enthusiasm of your poem! :)

Bridget Magee said...

Thank you, Laura! That's high praise if you say you are inspired by me! Your kind words are much appreciated. :)

Bridget Magee said...

Thank you, Karen! Jumping around is the definition of dancing - perfect mood lifter. :)

susanbruck.com said...

Thanks for sharing this fun post! I love the poem and your video--you look like you're having a lot of fun! And I'm going to check out that YouTube channel. I used to do a lot of dancing, but not so much lately. Thanks for the inspiration, invitation, and resources.

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