my week in wee-view haiku


maybe a blue wave?

cautiously optimistic

I want to believe



unreliable polls

free-floating anxiety

four-year-old ghost



living in limbo

check the news compulsively

warily waiting



"stop counting the votes"

biPOLar disorder

"count every vote"



drenched in exhaustion

numbingly go through my day

is victory near here?



the count goes on and...

true democracy takes time

happy with result

©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


(I wrangled my tangled thoughts into the 5/7/5 haiku form with

 mixed results. I used to help accomplish 

this task, such as it is.)


Tabatha said...

What a week it was!! You summed it up well. I was pretty compulsive with the was hard to step away, just in case. I like "four-year-old ghost" -- that trauma was hovering around, ready to say "boo!" Thank goodness it didn't get to.

Jeanette Rebello said...

Lovely poem, Bridget. You summed up my week as well.

Liz Steinglass said...

I think we can all relate to this one!

Linda B said...

Terrific timeline, exactly what happened here, too, Bridget, except I spent a lot of time raking leaves along with running inside to check the news. Whew!

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Tabatha! Yes, glad the ghost was kept at bay. Now we have to get through the haunting of the next two months...

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Jeanette! Great minds think alike...or at least feel similar. :)

Bridget Magee said...

Yes, Liz, this was quite the week for many people, but unfortunately only half the US population. Maybe time and an improved future will change some minds... :)

Bridget Magee said...

Raking leaves is such a meditative activity, Linda! I actually miss doing it. :)

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