Thursday, November 19, 2020

Wee Bright (and sweaty) Spot

Unfortunately the internet can be a dark place. With this in mind, I work hard to make my wee blog a bright spot for you to visit.  

Today I am talking about rediscovering of the joy of being light on my feet and getting my groove on! 💃

Being of, *ahem*, a certain age, I thought my dancing days were over. I did gymnastics all the way through my childhood and into college. Here are two pictures of me competing on floor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, circa 1988:

Split jump!

Back when my hair was brown!

Somehow over the years I've forgotten how much I LOVE DANCING

During the lock down in the spring I was looking to spice up my exercise routine instead of just jog, jog, jogging.

Don't get me wrong. I love to jog. I've been doing it for years...In 2016, when we lived in Tucson, I celebrated my 50th birthday by running 10 different 5K runs over the course of the 10 months leading up to my October birthday. (It was an expensive, but fun challenge.)

I do miss warm Tucson winters...


I continue to jog here in Switzerland (though 5K races are few and far between...and I'm sure even more expensive!) but I wanted to do other forms of movement, too.

Then my Colleen told me about a YouTube channel: emkfit that publishes weekly dance fitness videos. 

SO FUN! At first I saw that most of the dance exercise videos were around 20 minutes, so I thought, "The perfect quick and fun workout." 

But then I got hooked

Now I do about an hour of emkfit videos every day or so. I didn't say I was a good dancer (I am not), but I do have a lot of fun. And my mood always brightens...while I sweat!

Trigger Warning: Here is 9 seconds of me flailing myself happy:

Dancing at home is perfect for a pandemic, for winter weather, and for getting out of your head and finding joy. One more benefit? 12 lbs lost (since April) and counting...

Smidgey, on the other hand, does this while I dance:

Her bright spot is behind her closed eyes.


Today's poem is my invitation for YOU to dance with ME!



©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Wee Fungus Amongus

We've had a very cool and wet autumn thus far in central Switzerland. So cool and wet that the mushroom population has exploded - right up to the side of just about every path, not only in the forest.

They are popping up...

...along sidewalks... neighborhoods.

And the Swiss love themselves some mushrooms

A Swiss man could be described as a "fun-guy" gnome one is to love one. 

*Ahem.* 🍄😃

Photo Credit









 It is a common sight to see people out and about gathering wild mushrooms in baskets or paper bags. But one can not go willy-nilly gathering mushrooms across Switzerland. Oh no, the Swiss also like their rules. (Well, except when it comes to Covid, but that is a post for another day). 

The governing body for mushrooms is: Vereinigung amtlicher Pilzkontrollorgane der Schweiz (Association of Official Mushroom Control of Switzerland) and each individual Canton (state) has its own set of rules. 

Personally, I like mushrooms on my pizza or in my spaghetti as much as anybody, but I am more inclined to buy them at the grocery store where I know they are edible. And I don't have to worry about getting fined!

On a different note, a musical one of sorts, today's wee poem focuses on another valuable aspect of mushrooms:

mushrooms assemble
to orchestrate
a decomposition
©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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Saturday, November 7, 2020

my week in wee-view haiku


maybe a blue wave?

cautiously optimistic

I want to believe



unreliable polls

free-floating anxiety

four-year-old ghost



living in limbo

check the news compulsively

warily waiting



"stop counting the votes"

biPOLar disorder

"count every vote"



drenched in exhaustion

numbingly go through my day

is victory near here?



the count goes on and...

true democracy takes time

happy with result

©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


(I wrangled my tangled thoughts into the 5/7/5 haiku form with

 mixed results. I used to help accomplish 

this task, such as it is.)