Orange You Glad It's Poetry Friday? Round Up is HERE!

Welcome dear Wee Words Weaders! 

Thank you for joining me on this fine October Friday in Switzerland. 

Orange you glad it's Autumn?

Orange you glad we're gathered here today to share poetry?

Orange you glad we have each other during these unprecedented times?

If you haven't guessed by now, orange is my favorite color. And my favorite fruit, my favorite color of car, my favorite peanut m&m friend...when I like something, I REALLY like it.

This is me two years ago at the m&m store in London - my happy place.

Circa 2017 in Tucson.






What is YOUR favorite color? 

I invite you to do a fun exercise about your favorite color. 

(I read about this in a news story about a TikTok video...I know, not a highly reliable source, but my results were interesting! We're only doing the first part of the exercise about your favorite color, the news story describes two other parts.)

Write your favorite color and 3 words/phrases that describe it.

Me: orange

1. happy

2. fun

3. an acquired taste

According to the exercise, those three words are HOW I SEE MYSELF.

Let me think, does it ring true?

Huh, I think I'm generally a pretty happy person. 

I know I am fun. (My daughters might disagree, which leads to the 3rd descriptor...)

I am self aware enough to know I am DEFINITELY an acquired taste. *ahem*

I'd love to hear what's your favorite color and what it says about YOU...😃

Full disclosure, I had planned on sharing a poem I wrote about a certain orange US politician. *cough-cough* (many thanks to Tabatha for critiquing it!)

But due to recent events, I decided to go in a different direction and as of Tuesday, I was poem-less.

Then Laura Purdie Salas' newsletter, Salas Snippets, serendipitously landed in my inbox! 

She shared a lesson plan for the poetry form called, Blank Is a Word

This form was introduced by Nikki Grimes in a blog post on Michelle Heidenrich Barnes' website in 2015! (I actually participated in that challenge.)

Orange you glad the poetry community is so creative and generous?

Without further ado, here is my poem: 

Orange is a Word

Orange is a round word.

On the surface it has

a firm, dimpled appeal

which suggests 

a sweetness,

but actually is the bitter 


for the ball of 

sticky juice

hiding inside. 

©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.









Today the Poetry Friday Round Up will be old school

Leave your URL in the comments and I'll link them in the body of this post throughout the day.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that my blog has been eating some comments

(Are the googly-eyed fruit staging a revolt??) 

If this has happened to you, please email your comment to me direct: bridget(at)bridgetmagee(dot)com or try again.  

So sorry for any inconvenience!

Orange you glad I never said banana?


Fruit + googly eyes make a great...

No fruit were harmed in the writing of this blog post, though all were eaten. 😋


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