How Now Brown Cow?

 Can you relate to this?

Thanks to my daughter, Colleen, for sharing this with me.


Alas, the calendar pages keep turning and I am thankful we made it to October! Feels like an accomplishment. 2020 has been a doozy. (Massive understatement.) 

No matter where we are in the world, we've had to bob and weave our way around some crazy circumstances this year. 

As for the cows here in the Switzerland, they've had to chew and moo anew.

This calf was born literally minutes before Joe took this pic, just up the hill from our house.


The Alps make up 60% of Switzerland's total land surface. And being world-renowned for their cheese and chocolate (two of the most delicious sources of Vitamin "C" - see what I did there?) the Swiss take really good care of their cows. About 270,000 Swiss cows spend 4 months a year grazing on their summer Alpine pastures* and then return to their winter barns in late September/early October. 

Since 3000 BC, this 'when the cows come home' special occasion, called Alpabzug (which literally translates to Alpine departure), has been marked by belled and bloomed bovine parading down the mountains...

...and into the village streets.



Alpenhorns and traditional dress rule the day. And of course, cheese making!

Photo Source

Photo Source

But thanks to Covid, this year's Alpabzug didn't happen in Switzerland. The cows came home, but not to the pomp and circumstance. 

And without us witnessing it as planned. Boo.

To console (and distract) myself I turned my sights to poetry and humor. I found both in a poem I wrote in 2014 from a prompt my sister, Helen gave me. With a few edits, I took my poem to new heights. (Get it? The Alps?) 

Heidi was a Swiss bovine 

of the highest couture.

A fashionista 

surrounded by manure.


Heidi's exquisite style 

was in a class of its own.

An especially fetching look

was the moo-moo she'd sewn.


Heidi and her moo-moo

started an Alpine craze.

From Swiss peaks to valleys

cows wear moo-moos to graze.

©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.



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*in a future post (spring, maybe?) I will explain how and why the Swiss take their cows into the highest Alps.