Cake, Cake, and Icing on the Cake

🎂 Wee-member WAY back to the month February? (I know, it feels like 1,000,000 years ago.)  I shared an event that TAKES THE CAKE for making a BIG cake. And now, a World Record.







To wee-fresh your memory, here's a recap of the story: the Canton (equivalent to a state) where we live here in Switzerland is called Zug. It is an area known for growing cherries.

Local crop...yum!




And located in Zug is a bakery called Speck which is known for their Kirschtorte (cherry cake). 

At the end of January 2020 they celebrate their 125th anniversary by making the largest cherry cake from the crust up in the middle of a shopping mall. (Remember life before COVID?

Our family witnessed this amazing feat and took these pictures to share:

Pouring cherry liqueur from a watering can.




I am happy to report that Speck officially won the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest cherry cake! The final product weighed in at a whopping 241 kilograms

  • 18kg of butter
  • 23 kg of flour
  • over 900 eggs
  • almost 100 liters of cherry liqueur (Kirsch)

🎂  Now for a bit of Birthday Cake cheer. Earlier this week, Joe baked me a lovely chocolate cake and then he and Maureen sang to me to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately Colleen couldn't join us (distance and Covid) but Smidgey did her best to make up for Colleen's absence. Enjoy Smidgey's serenade here: 


🎂 And finally, the Icing on the Cake this week is that my post, "Connecting to Readers Through Poetry" was published on the TeachWrite website! I am immensely proud of this post and would be honored if you clicked through to read it. There are some great ideas on how to unpack some basic poetic elements and infuse them intentionally in your writing.

Click here to read.


For today's poem, it all comes down to the crumbs. Instead of reading tea leaves, we look at crumbs and remember what young people used to do Pre-Covid:
chocolate cake crumbs 
scattered across the table 
ants at a nightclub
clustered and crusty
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