Earlier this summer I share with you the Wee-Source: tinywords - a free international, daily magazine of haiku and micropoetry. 

I also shared that during the month of August they were accepting submissions for their 20th anniversary issue.

Well, once again, I took the plunge and submitted three tinyword poems. This was my fifth attempt since 2013 to crack this wee non-paying market. 

And for the 5th time, I was wee-jected

Am I sad? 

Nah. It comes with the territory. You win some (get acceptances), you lose some (get rejected).

Will I try again? 

You betcha! They can't get rid of the mighty wee Bridget Magee!

A wonderful side effect of my wee-jection is that this week YOU get a poetic wee-ward*! Actually 3!


*For fun I paired my poems with some public domain images I found on Pixaby.

This week's Poetry Friday roundup can be found at Beyond LiteracyLink where Carol is serving up a plethora of poetry goodness.