Posse Pals

Have you ever encountered somebody and thought, "Wow, they seem so cool."

Man, woman, young, old, living, dead? (Not to be confused with "Person, woman, man, camera, TV", but I digress...)

You know how some people seem to have this quality that makes you want to hang out with them?  Be their friend? They have an X factor that makes you feel good inside?

I don't mean anything romantic...I've got that base covered by my one and only, Joe.

He definitely has the X factor!








But there are other people that I think, "It'd be so great if I could meet this person and we could chat." In a perfect world, this person would be my Posse Pal.

(OK, maybe I'm alone in these thoughts...please, just humor me. There is a point to this post and a Wee-Source, I promise.)

Anyway, we all know this is not a perfect world (understatement) and the reality of me ever meeting, let alone becoming friends with any of the people on my Posse Pal list is nearly impossible, but a girl can dream...

Today I will share my Posse Pal list, saving the BEST for last:

Barack Obama                            Stephen Colbert

Melissa McCarthy                       Kamala Harris

Sarah Cooper (if you don't know who she is, just google her - you will not be sorry!)

Paul Rudd                                    Billy Collins

Jason Bateman                            Viola Davis 

Amy Krouse Rosenthal (again, google her and read her books!)

Trevor Noah                                 Gina Rodriguez

And finally, my favorite Posse Pal...*drum roll, please*...wait for it...


I hope someday I will get to hear her speak live and heaven help me, thank her for being her. *Swoon!*

This brings me to today's Wee-Source: The Michelle Obama Podcast! *Squee!*

Here is a teaser video:


And here is a link to the transcripts of the 3 episodes she has out so far. It is free on Spotify. 

Have a listen and tell me, wouldn't she be a great friend?

If you were going to make a Posse Pal list, who would you include on it? 

Share their names in the comments - maybe you'll inspire me to expand my list. I hope so, the more the better!

Today's poem is a Triolet* in honor of my pal, Michelle:

Michelle's style is warm and inviting

her words are strong and uplifting

her vitality is exciting

Michelle's style is warm and inviting

'we go high' is how we keep fighting

her podcast the anchor to our drifting

Michelle's style is warm and inviting

her words are strong and uplifting

©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

*Learn more about the poetry form Triolet here at Poets.org. 

Today's Poetry Friday host is Molly at Nix the Comfort Zone. Join us!