A Point-ed Post with a Who-ku Video

 Hallo dear Weaders!

First off, my thoughts go out to all my US family and friends...it feels like the natural and non-natural (orange-tinted) disasters never stop coming. I miss you all SO much...

This week I hope my post will bring you a smile. And nobody has a smile brighter and more inviting than my Posse Pal, Michelle O. My thoughts have returned again and again to her speech at the DNC last week. Wasn't that 'on point'? (With a tiny bit of needling for good measure, "It is what it is.")


Speaking of needling...

Sonic the Hedgehog.


[DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse the movie Sonic the Hedgehog. We saw it and I think it was...uh, intended for a different audience. A-hem.] 

A few months ago on a jog I came upon a painted rock:

The Sonic-Rock was...

...at the base of a tree...
...at the base of the uphill trail.

Day after day throughout the summer, I enjoy seeing Sonic-Rock, not because I like Sonic, but because someone else did. Someone liked Sonic so much that they painted a big, heavy rock and placed it under a tree for everyone to see who passed through this part of the forest. 

Until one day, it was gone...Who would take Sonic-Rock? (Did I mention that it is big and heavy?)

I looked everywhere. Up the trail. Down the trail. Across the trail. In every bush and bramble. 

Where did Sonic go?

Finally, we found him...

...hidden among the bramble across the road!

Joe initiated the rescue operation (at my insistence because I can't pick up Sonic-Rock up with my 1/2 healed broken arm):

Seriously, Sonic-Rock is heavy!

Joe put him back where he belongs.






But the Sonic-Rock saga doesn't end there. My fine mineral friend has ended up missing multiple times over the summer. Someone was needling me!  But every time Sonic-Rock was moved from the base of that tree, I would hunt him down (in bramble, bush, or ditch) and use my buff assistant to return him to his place of glory. 

Which leads me to another kind of needling! Needle felting! My sister Janey is a Rock-Star at needle felting. I love that she took the corona virus into her own hands (literally) and made it cute! Look at this cute corona virus guy she made. (Combining cute and corona virus in the same sentence feels weird, but also a therapeutic way to deal with our new reality.)

Corona guys face...

and backside.

And she made gnomes!

Gnomes are extremely popular here in Switzerland. A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post on the gnomes in our neighborhood.

I think Janey should sell her needle felt creations on etsy...but so far, she doesn't see the point. Hee-hee...

Finally, the pinnacle of this pointed post: The latest video in my Smidgey's Identity Crisis Poetry Series: Episode 2: Smidgey-who? Smidgey-ku! 

 Have a look to see if Smidgey figures who she really is or to see if she misses the point. 😉

I was inspired to write my riddle haiku from Laura Purdie Salas' book, Riddle-ku: Haiku for Very Close Reading from her 30 Painless Classroom Poems series

 I was lucky enough to be able to buy the whole series on Book Depository here in Switzerland! (Finding quality English books/resources here can be challenging.)

And in case you put a pin in it about whether or not to join us for the Poetry Across the World Critique Group now is the time! Not sure what I'm talking about? You can find out all the details here.

All abilities of poets are welcome. 
No entry requirements, just world building, poetry connecting kindness
Just leave a comment below expressing your interest or email me direct at:
Finally, join the Poetry Friday party around the world at my juicy little universe where the pointedly amazing poet, Heidi will be sharing her poetry insights and delights.