Introducing Wee Word Wee-Sources

I am so excited to share a new focus here on Wee Words for Wee Ones:

Every week I will share a Wee Word Wee-Source with you, my dear weaders READers.

The Wee-Source will be:
  • a poetry (or otherwise) submission opportunity
  • a writing/teaching event that might interest you
  • a poetry infused language learning tip or tidbit
  • a book WEE-view
  • a writing/poetry prompt 
  • any Wee-source YOU want to share*
  • Smidgey's Identity Crisis Poetry Series videos:

*email me direct:

Here is today's Wee-Source:

Call for submissions: 42-Word Stories Anthology

An anthology of 42 categories of 42 selected works of 42-word microfiction stories, and 42 art pieces, one per chapter. 

That's potentially 1,764 authors in one book. 

Deadline: Until categories are filled.

Release date: TBA

I'm happy to say that I have a story in the Poetic Prose category that has been accepted into this anthology. Click on the link to check out the categories and see if you can write a 42 word story to fit. Take a chance and jump at this opportunity.

And here is today's Wee Words Poem:

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