Virtually Together

Worldwide humanity is in isolation...together.

I'm glad to be holed up here in Switzerland with my husband, Joe and younger daughter, Maureen. But unfortunately part of my family, my older daughter, Colleen, is many miles and time zones away in San Diego, CA.

Colleen and her best bud, Loki.

Since we can't physically be together, technology has become our bridge during this challenging time.

Thank goodness for WhatsApp for daily texts, calls and shared memes. And thank goodness to Zoom for a long distance Game Night!

What it looked like on her side... what it looked like on ours.
It was like having Colleen 'sitting' on the couch with us!

We played AKA: Also Known As, the only game where my weird brain feature of remembering things a little adjacent to what they are comes in handy! I was actually good at this game and we had a lot of laughs playing.

It is awful that we are all living in this new reality. But at the same time, super cool that there is technology to help us ease the pain of being apart from our loved ones.

Another side effect of this new reality is the distancing of friendships. Maureen and her friends had a novel solution for throwing a birthday party for one of their friends...doing it on the platform, Discord. The guests all dressed up and came together on the internet.

Doesn't she look gorgeous?
Waiting for the party to begin...
...and Mom, you can leave now.

The technology was a little persnickety, but briefly some teens in Switzerland were able to get dressed up and hang out celebrating a friend's birthday...virtually together.

I'm not thrilled with this current reality, but I am thankful for the internet and the many ways humans are adapting to connect the near with the far.

Speaking of current reality, as of this writing "Switzerland has a higher infection rate than Italy" according to the local newspaper, 20 Minuten. That is some scary news. We are all OK, but we take great care when we leave the house to grocery shop or walk the dog or when Joe has to go into the office a few days a week.

Today's poem is my vision for how society is weathering our new reality:

weaving the new 
fabric of society
©2020, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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