A Week In The Life

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. My apologies for being away from my blog for a bit, but I was in another neck of the woods a long way away from Switzerland.

I was in San Diego, California! Visiting this cutie:
The amazing young woman, not the bird.

Colleeny, animal conservation educator and daughter extraordinaire.

And these cuties:

And Odin...or is it Thor? I can't tell them apart and I didn't manage to get a picture of both of them.

Of course, while I was there the region was in the midst of a heatwave.

None the less, the trip started on my birthday, but I was bringing a gift to Colleen - her favorite Swiss bakery bread.
Joe proudly showing the loaf.

Unfortunately, the loaf didn't fair well.
It came out of the suitcase literally half the thickness of how it went in.

But this birthday greeting was waiting for me at the airport.

She giveth...
...I receiveth.

Once in CA, I got to visit all of the places in Colleen's neck of the woods. One of those includes the wilds of the Safari Park where she works. I had the amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with these fellas:

Hello, friends!
I even got to feed a giraffe...but it bit me!

This is right after the giraffe bit my finger!
It even drew blood!

I think it was (my) human error. But Colleen was an expert.

Thank goodness for experts!

The adventure didn't end there. Colleen had to work on a couple of days, but I got some writing done while overlooking these amazing views:

Unicorns are REAL!

No hiding from me!
So cool!

But the Safari Park is not the only neck of woods I got to visit with Colleen.
We went to the beach.

Sweetie Loki photo bombed us! JK, we actually took the selfie with him.
And to the Scripps Aquarium.

Teeter-totter FUN!
And overlooking La Jolla!

(Never have I been involved in so many selfie moments!)

But our neck of the woods adventures weren't just dictated by location, there was also the eating across cultures adventure. We had Mexican food, Chinese, Italian (pizza), and Korean!

Korean BBQ is...
...a lot of food!

But I wasn't the only one having fun on fall break. Maureen and Joe had their own adventure in London!
They are into selfies, too!
A real bridge supporter!

Before I knew it, it was time to go home. Sad to say goodbye to my Colleen, but luckily it is simply, "see you later". 

 Landing in Zurich on Sunday night safe and sound and then off to work the next morning.

 Today's poem is about when your children grow up, sometime you have your heart in two places at once:

adult child
love affair
©2019, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I'm happy that you had such a wonderful birthday trip, Bridget, & love all the selfies! I visited my grandson at his new home, the University of Kentucky, this month & was with my "away" kid & his wife, too! I know that far away love affair!

    1. Thanks for your kindness, Linda, but you have to admit, the multitude of selfies is a bit much. And I know you know full well about long distance love connections. Our peeps sometimes get far flung. :)

  2. Colleen looks great and I'm glad to see she is still working with animals. Thanks for updating us, Bridget. I love you, Colleen.


    1. Awe thank you! I love you too Auntie Jeanette! Maybe I'll see you soon, at Christmas?

    2. Thanks for commenting, Jeanette! It was fun to visit with my Colleeny. :)

  3. I can't figure out these dang comments it keeps deleting everything

  4. Ok got it. Love you mama! Loki and the kitten boys miss you very much as do I!

    1. I miss you all, but YOU more than your furry friends. I'm glad I got to spend the week with you. It was well worth the jet lag. :)

  5. Wonderful to see Bridget and Colleen enjoying each other with the special animals. Colleen is at home with the animals and Bridget is at home with Colleen. What a great way to celebrate!

    1. Thanks, Joan! Colleen is really a rock star when it comes to animal conservation. Her future is bright. I'm lucky that I got to spend my birthday with all my peeps this year (straddling two time zones helped).


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