Out After Dark

When we lived in Arizona we had many run-ins with snakes - mostly in the daylight.
One of the many I saw on my trail runs.

When we moved here to Switzerland I thought we left the risk of running into a snake behind - day or night.

I was wrong.

This past week Joe and Smidgey encountered this fella right outside our apartment building while out for Smidgey's pre-bedtime walk.

Snake photos by Joe.
Out for an evening stroll...uh, I mean slither.

We've tried to identify him (or her) but to no avail. There are snakes native to Switzerland, including two that are venomous, but none look like this critter. Perhaps a pet who escaped? We're not sure. It was gone by morning.

Another evening last week, while walking Smidgey once again, we encountered a very different critter:
A hedgehog! See his cute face?

Smidgey wanted to be "friends" with this prickle ball.

Hedgehogs do not seem to be the 'brightest bulbs' so to speak. This fella let Maureen get right up next to it so we could take these pictures. Credit where credit is due: photos courtesy of Maureen.

And then there is this critter seen in the night:
Spookiest of all!

they slither
they prickle
they scare us with their eyes

after dark
they might give you a surprise!
©2019, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That is a pretty snake, but what a surprise! And a hedgehog, too, guess you do have to 'Watch out"! Always surprises, right, Bridget? Have a lovely week of more!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Switzerland never ceases to surprise us. Enjoy your coming poetry/family adventures. =)

  2. Your critters are very different than the ones we see in Fremont. Love the hedgehog, Maureen.

    1. You have lovely goats and turkeys, Jeanette! I love running into critters (well, not so much snakes). This was our 3 hedgehog sighting, but the first with Maureen. She was thrilled to be able to get close and take pictures. =)


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