Sails Hoisted for Tolerance

Art reflects society - what's good about it, what's bad about it, and even what we hope for!

A local art installation, Ship of Tolerance, depicts what the world needs most: tolerance. The idea for this art had a global reach, but the local purpose was for it to be a symbol of openness and acceptance for the refugees living here in Zug. Even though this work of art was completed in 2016, it is just as relevant today in the world as a whole, if not MORE!

The Ship of Tolerance is the brain child of Ilya and Emila Kabakov of New York by way of the former Soviet Union. The artist couple, in collaboration with Kunsthaus Zug (the local art museum), came up with the idea to create a participation art piece that allowed children the chance to experience tolerance and respect as they created this amazing symbol of tolerance. The 120 sail panels were painted by school children throughout Kanton Zug and are mounted on the 11 meter high mast.

As you can see the sails look bright, fresh and colorful today. They swap out the sails regularly when they get weather beaten and tattered, which can happen quite easily on a lake shore in Switzerland.

A super cool aspect of the ship is that it glows at night.

It is a real wooden ship that is about 18 meters long, but it has never sailed on its own. Actually, back in 2016, when it was completed, it had to be "sailed" around Lake Zug on a raft. Now it lives in a lakeside beach park not far from our home where kids can climb, play, and tolerate each other.

On the platform there is this sign:
Translation: Enter at your own risk.

A tolerant view of personal safety and personal responsibility, if you ask me.

Today's poem is an acrostic that is my hope for a more tolerant world.

Together we embrace
Regardless of differences.
Can save the

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