Feast or Famine

Depends on the month.

Late summer is traditionally the time when people take time off of work to go on holiday. It's easy if you work for a big company or a school which either have people still running the business or is closed for summer.

But what if you run a small local restaurant?

In Switzerland, you just close up your restaurant and go on holiday. We found this out when we tried to go to the little burrito joint in Zurich.

And then a week later, walking by the burger joint by our house.

Translation: Summer holiday from 28.7.2019 until and with 18.8.2019 our company remains closed.

Could you imagine closing your business for several weeks? And then still being in business?

Well, actually restaurants being able to stay in business is a bit of a problem here in Switzerland. In recent years more pubs and restaurants have closed than ever before.

Part of the blame is the strong franc, but closing your business for weeks at a time to go on holiday probably doesn't help either.

Today's poem is about that feeling of wanting to eat out, but finding the proprietor of the restaurant has the exact same idea!

holiday from cooking
for the cook
not the customer
©2019, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

Good News Alert! I am proud to announce that a few of my haiku 
have been chosen to be published in the print journal, 
seashores - an international journal to share the spirit of haiku. Woot!


  1. Congratulations on haiku success, Bridget!

    1. Thank you! I'm proud of those poems - haiku is not an easy form. =)

  2. Replies
    1. It is funny, Liz, that sometimes getting food is contingent on someone's vacation plans. Very different approach to the restaurant business/customer service. =)

  3. Honestly, I understand. Your holiday from writing/blogging left me (and all your fans) hungry.

    1. Thanks, Helen! Looking forward to being on holiday in the same place as you later this year!


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